After retiring from Corporate America in 1999, my love for Golf became an addiction, but my focus changed in 2004 when I came across reports from the National Golf Foundation for Golf 2020 regarding participation and interest levels in Golf for Minorities, Women, Young Professionals and K-12.

As a serial entrepreneur, I decided to start Play Golf Chicago, a free, fun and relaxed Social Club for Chicagoans to Get a Grip on Golf, together. Thanks to my sponsors, partners, supporters, and an articles from the Red Eye in 2006, I had over 300 members and a waiting list by 2007. In 2008, I add a Tennis club and changed my business to a Membership and Trial membership model, and set a goal to introduce golf and tennis to 2020 new players by 2020.


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“Best round I have ever had. Lots of bad shots (as usual), but probably 15-20 good ones. I love the fairway 3 wood.”
- Dan Ray, 6-22-2019 (VIEW Video Testimonial)

"Hey Ron, I shot 105 and in control most of the time.... That was my best so far. Thanks a lot!!. We'll do this again for sure."
- Roberto Martin 6-23-2013 (VIEW Video Testimonial)

"Hey coach. Finally broke 100! I have got to get some free time to get to a class on my short game. First number under
the score are pitches/chips inside 100 yds. 2nd # is the number of putts. So basically I had 32 shots inside 100 yd's not
counting putts, that's bad. Rocked it otherwise. Have you to thank!"
- Gary Glick, 7-14-2013 (VIEW Video Testimonial)


2008- 2015 YELP REVIEWS

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MEETUP GROUPS - 2007 - 2012




“ Super fun. ”
— Krista Wennerstrom on Jun 12, 2013.

“ It's really fun to play tennis, and Ron is a very helpful and excellent coach! ”
— xiao chen on Jun 8, 2013.

"Hey Ron, just wanted to let you know that with all the wedge training last saturday I broke 100 (shot 99 sunday!). it really made a huge difference!! I missed one
approach shot only while playing my wedges!!! now on to the irons and hybrids... still missing a lot of shots when out 160-200 yd's"
- Roberto Martins, 8-8-2012

"Great session last night, really helped me get a decent serve down! Thank you very much."
Sam Vangelovski, 8-15-2012

- Suzanne Toon on Sep 16, 2012

“Nice outdoor space and Ron is a patient and fun teacher/coach"
—Erin McSherry on Sep 10, 2012

“Very fun and we learned a lot!”
- Jody Rosenbaum on Sep 12, 2012

“Excellent teacher. really knows his stuff and can explain it in a way that you understand what he saying to you.”
—Mary Poulos

“ I am new member in past month. Enjoy the lessons with small classes with some individual feedback from instructor. Not motivated
by the social aspects of "club", just happy for affordable instruction in small group format. Dorothy, — on Sep 30, 2012.

“Ron was very helpful. In just my first class I learned things I had no idea I was doing incorrect. Looking forward to my next lesson.
—Dan Cline

“In one lesson, I learned basic tips from Ron on grip, stance, and swing that really helped me. Can't wait to try these out on the course. “
—judy cicero

“ A lot of fun! High energy. I learned a lot in that first golf lesson. I'll be practicing on my own this week. ”
- Marguerite

“Very solid class, and a lot of fun, too. Ron was a good teacher and kept a nice balance between showing us what to do (either with his own swing or by physically
walking us through our swings) and letting us start to get a feel for what works. He quickly diagnosed 2 problems with my swing that lead to my chronic slice and
helped me adjust. I don't even touch my driver I'm so bad w/ it, but Ron made me pick it up and I was amazed at how straight a few of my drives flew! I'm still a major
work in progress, but I feel better able to self-diagnose my mistakes now.”
— William Mills

“Ron is awesome. He is clearly a great golfer and great teacher and has already seemingly improved my swing, ball striking, and game. ”
-Jac Casale

“Ron has been correcting one problem after another in my play, I notice the difference after each lesson.“
- Dan Cline

“ Excellent ”
- Michael kress on Feb 17, 2012.

"It was fun and Ron was helpful! ”
— Erin Ahasic on July 11, 2011.

"I have had several opportunities since Ron's class to practice his tips for better ground strokes/top spin. Thank you Ron! "
— Erin Ahasic on July 11, 2011.

“Fantastic! Picked up some great tips. Can't wait to try them out on the course!”
- Jacqueline Lewis on May 5, 2011.

" Its great to get a few fundamental pointers about the golf swing."
—Ajoy Reddi

"OK, to be honest, I normally only write comments when I am mad...LOL, but Ron deserves a little praise. He works hard and is very professional - never late and
always comes ready. He is also a great tennis instructor, and his tennis club is refreshingly different, fun and EXTREMELY effective."
-Brian Casey

"Everyone was very nice. Teacher was very enthusiastically good."
— Tammi Silverstein on Jul 12, 2011.

"Excellent instructor with great golfing tips. Who knew that after just one hour of instruction, that
I would feel comfortable enough to go on a golf outing!" Also, since it was an interactive event, I got
to meet, talk, and get to know others that are in this group."
-Kevin Almady

"Wow! Not what I expected. I've taken PGA Lessons before but this lesson was way easier and I saw
immediate results. Ron makes it so easy and his methods work right away. Drop it like it's hot, baby."
-Tim Williams

“Wonderful..WONDERFUL!!!!!!! I am amazed at how much I learn from Ron. He's an outstanding
teacher who gives clear direction (correction? yes). I also like how conceptual he is--gives me A LOT to
think about and work on, but not enough to overwhelm me. He's also exceedingly patient answering questions. ”
- Carla Messman

"When Ron told me that he could fix my slice in five minutes, I laughed. How could he fix something in 5 minutes that it took me 5 years to perfect. LOL. Well, he did, and he also taught me how to hit long irons and my driver! Ron is the man!" - Vin

"The beginner golf class was fantastic! I learned a number of wonderful tips to improve on what I was doing. Taking the class has made playing golf so much more fun. The class was well organized with a great flow and there was a lot of individual attention even though it was in a group class." - Kristina Smith

"Ron is a very patient instructor. He makes learning golf fun and relaxing while providing feedback that can dramatically improve your swing. I'm very impressed by his ability to adapt to various levels and accommodate to each learners capabilities." - Thuy Ho

I took golf and tennis lessons from Ron in 2011 and 2012, and man is he good. He makes learning the game so easy. I was new at tennis and he made the class fun and I learned quickly how to play. I was a horrible golfer and sliced most of my shots. However, after taking 2 classes, I fixed my slice, improved my short game and now golf is fun again. I highly recommend taking classes at Play Golf and Tennis. Ron is the best, hands down.
- Don D. - December 06, 2012


"The members of the Chicago Asian Professionals Meetup Group would like to give a special thanks to Ron Carroll...for providing us an excellent and fun golf lesson."

"Ron takes you from the beginning, teaching the very basics on how to hold the club, to more advanced learning, like how to perfect your swing. He makes the class a comfortable environment that's fun, easy going and very social. He puts you on the right path to start off with the right habits, and the right foundation to not only play, but to become good at a really fun sport."
- Toni Capelli

"I am a very new beginner and I was anxious that the lesson would go too fast for me, but Ron made absolutely sure I was comfortable with the pace of the lesson. He was thorough and effective. I would recommend Ron to anyone looking to develop solid fundamentals.
- Tam

"Thank you SO much for the homework which was completely tailored to where I am at. I really enjoyed the class on Saturday, and was impressed with the quality of teaching - you seem to really care about your students' golf games!"
- Rachel Kuchar

"I had taken lessons before but I'm still not a very good golfer. Ron's personalized instruction helped me correct my grip (which was all sorts of wrong) and improve my swing to make better contact with the ball. I really enjoyed the class. After my free lesson..My Husband (an Avid Golfer) loves the classes, too.
- Michelle and Brad

"My friend and I like to play tennis, but were looking for a place to play a few times per week and get a little help. We were more into the exercise part of it at first, but now we are getting more into the game itself, thanks to Ron. A must try."
-Valerie and Katrina

"After just 5 short weeks - of working with Ron and going to golf lessons 2 times a week, I have dramatically improved my game. I am an avid golfer and having the flexibility to go to multiple lessons twice a week has been awesome. Ron has a great way of teaching and the other people in the group are so nice. I liked it so much my girlfriend signed up with me. I highly recommend doing this. This is a must for all golfers...
- Eric Wagner

"I joined both the tennis and golf clubs this past Spring and have had very positive experiences with both! Prior to joining I had very minimal experience with both sports, but after attending weekly lessons (once or twice weekly) for each, I'm feeling confident enough to start playing with friends that have years of experience. As others have written, Ron -the instructor, is patient, friendly, and knowledgeable, and makes the lessons fun but productive. He is generous with his time, knowledge and resources..."
- Kate Hess

"Ron was wonderful and soooo patient! I just need to keep practicing all the great tips he gave us."

"I picked up some pointers on my grip and swing that have already improved my game... Looking forward to the next meet up! "
-Edward Sutton

"Ron is great and helped me a lot. He spread his time evenly amongst the group giving sound advice. I haven't played in two years and I was hitting the ball quite well because of his instruction. "

"We had a great experience, learning the basics of golf. The instructor was very friendly and professional. He made it easy and fun. We had about 30 minutes to practice on our own to get a feeling. The location was great too.
- Anna

"Wow, I never thought golf could be so easy. Well, maybe not easy, but Ron made it as simple as could be. I've taken classes before, but I only learned a little, or was too overwhelmed when the class was over, that I did not learn anything. With Ron's class, however, I learned and retained a lot!
- Kenny

Excellent and fun introduction by Ron and a good opportunity to meet up with other people who are beginners. Me and my wife joined Play Golf and Tennis after the event to learn this fun but tough game and to meet more people.
- Ollie & Vanessa

"I have played tennis for years, and have been stuck in the same old - bad - game forever. I can't believe how much you showed me in one hour. I am now playing a lot better and am finally able to beat my husband - now that's priceless! I look forward to taking lessons from you. "
- Susan Fletcher

"I had taken formal lessons for 2 years and was great at drills, but still could not play tennis. I was terrible. However, having to wait around to hit one stupid ball every 10 minutes was not helping either - neither was sharing a court with 10 other people. Last year, I decided to look around for private lessons but came across Get a Grip Chicago, and wow! In just ONE year, I have learned how to play tennis and finally beat my brother!"
- Paul Gorman

"Not only am I meeting new people and learning very quickly, but I also lost 15 pounds, no kidding."
- Shelly

"I am an amateur player and my wife is a beginner. This club is perfect for us because we can play at the same time, but on different courts. It's cool seeing her get into the game, but without my help. LOL. She is having fun and getting better. My game has also improved a lot. I also the idea of not having to wait for others because the class is offer booked. We did that last year and it was not too fun."
- Miles and Kim

"I wasn't sure what to expect. But, I enjoyed learning about the basic techniques, as my previous tennis experience was just by picking up a racket and hitting the ball. (Maybe that's why it wasn't such a good experience.) So, I really enjoyed Ron's teachings, as it built up confidence to get started on the right foot. Now, it would just be a matter of practice, practice, practice before moving to the next level. "
- Angel

"We have not only found a way to do things together, but we also now have a way to stay in shape and be more active. This beats going to the movies and dinner together any day of the week - actually, we still do that, but now we talk about our tennis games over dinner. LOL. Thanks a lot! "
- Tim and Mary Schneider

"I think I just went up a notch after this class. Ron is amazing! I learned so much about net play and my backhand. I also learned about tennis rhythm and how to play the game, not just hit the ball. The class was also fun and the instructor was pretty funny. "
- Jessica Wood

"Wow! This club gets right to the point and improves your game. Not much talking here, just play and learn with real game instruction! Save your money if you are going somewhere else. This is the most effective tennis club in Chicago! "
- Doug

"I looked around for a few weeks trying to find the best place to play and find playing partners, and this is - by far - the best out there. It's amazing how difficult it is to find affordable tennis lessons and people to play with. Thanks, and Keep up the good work.."
-Jeff M.

“ I really wanted to cancel, but I dragged my body over there (to class), and glad I did. They're really nice, and helpful, I used to play years ago, now I remember why I loved it so much. They are patient, (I'm not very) and it was great fun, I'll be going back.
- Linda

“Great coaching. Very clear and easy to understand! Thanks Ronald. Tennis is easy with these wonderful instructors." - Derby





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