Get a Grip n your Creative Side and live longer...Create for Peace!

Pick up a new hobby like drawing, painting, guitar, piano, photography, write a book, songs, poems..

Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun.- Einstein

Draw & Take Pictures

Life can be brutal, so we all need something that allows us to escape, have fun and maybe produce something tangible, and while sports is great, Art and Photography allows you to create something lasting. Learn to draw, paint, take pics with your phone... Check out videos and look upcoming classes.

While I will never be a great art or photography, I enjoy the process of creating something that may look good, but more importantly, captures a moment in time. The best thing about both are how relaxing and escaping they are. They are also easy to learn because whatever you make, is original\ yours.

Hobbies are relaxing and life saving
  • And..they help promote our creative sides

  • They are great for relaxing and focusing

  • Because you are making something fun

  • We get to use the other side of our brain

Learn an instrument

I have played piano and bass guitar since elementary school, gave up on it many times and picked up again and again over the past 40 years because playing music is fun, relaxing and takes you away for reality for as long as you want.

Learning to play guitar, piano, drums or even a harmonica is enough to meet cool people, have jam sessions, pick up a new hobby and enjoy life a bit more. Check out videos and upcoming Playing Lessons. It is really a lot easier to learn to play your favorite songs, first.

Write Poetry and...

"Happiness is when you are congruent, which is when what you feel, think, say and do are the same. | Get a Grip on Life before Life Gets it's Grip on You. | Would the child you were, be proud of the adult that you have become?"- Ron Carroll

I have written many poems, songs, finished one Novel and started a few others, and while know I am not great at tit, it's fun and relaxing. Start by trying to write a poem, and go from there. Check out videos and upcoming classes. I will put up novel excerpts and more later.

How to write a poem or song
  • Pick a topic you feel strongly about

  • List each point that you want to shout

  • Don't think much as you type it out

  • The results will be good, have no doubt

Get a Grip on Creativity Tips and Instruction

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Yes, you CAN draw!
Smart Phone Photographer!
What is Poetry?
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22 Piano Songs | 4 Cords

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