Bridging Gaps and Building Bridges...We have BIG Ideas!

Bridging the Gaps Between Ideas and Reality, Opportunity and Success, and Surviving and Thriving.

"Successful entrepreneurs are creative philanthropist who authoritatively
solve problems, offer unsurpassed value and CREATE great experiences..

Humanitarians are the creative genius successful entrepreneurs should thrive to be,
and while intelligence and data can layout your road map, the emotions are the minds’ eye,
which is difficult to see, so let your value be your deal and their feelings be the you FEEL me? "

- Ron Carroll

Why businesses fail

In order to successfully start and grow a business, you need REAL passion, creativity, tenacity, research and to know your industry, competitors and what your customers want and how they feel.

I have over 30 years of business experience and am a serial entrepreneur (15 companies and counting), as well as a technologists, and my goal is simple...fill Gaps and create Bridges for entrepreneurs and Startups in Chicago.

WHY WE FAIL - Over 80% fail or pivot
  • 42%...No real need for product or service

  • 14%...ignore the customer or clients needs

  • 19% are out-competed by competitors

  • 23%...bad partner &\or employees

C3 and RBM Advantage

Developing a REAL C3 & RBM Concept (Customer or Client, Competitive and Community Advantage and a Real Business Model) ensures that you are listening, innovative and adapting to what people REALLY want, and not what you want to sell or, how you want to sell it.

Startups, as well as Small Businesses, in order to have continued success, need to understand the importance of constant research, data analysis, re-planning and pivoting, human emotions (Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs) and more.

Build Your Business to Last
  • 20% of businesses fail within the 1st year

  • 34% of businesses fail within the 2nd year

  • 50% of businesses fail within the 5th year

  • 70% of businesses fail by year 10

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