Join me for my Get a Grip on Golf and Breaking 100 or 90 Programs
and Baseball Golf. Try a private lesson for $95 or a semi-private for $60!

Click Here to view semi-private Golf and Clinic Schedule - June to Aug. only. Private Lessons run May to Oct. - winter options coming soon
Learn Monkey Golf, the 3 P's, Tempo Golf, The Golf Swing Song, Yoga, Pilates and Zen Golf, Rock the Boat Core Putting and more. I make learning the game fun, easy and effective.

Get a Grip on Golf

My Get a Grip on Golf Program is not an acclamation program because you cannot learn how to PLAY golf in a group class or at a driving range. Customize 6 lessons over 2 seasons & progress at YOUR pace. Flexible days & times. Private Lessons, Skills-building Clinics & Playing Lessons. $395 or 2 for $595! Private Lessons last for 2 seasons.

Whether you are new to golf or trying to finally break 100, 90 or get a grip on an aspect of your game, my programs operates between Diversey Driving Range and Robert Black Golf Course, all lessons are customized and catered to your needs & schedule. Try a semi-private class for $60.
  • Golf grip, setup, the swing and faults\fixes

  • Golf tempos, drills, hitting wedge - driver

  • 2X-Real grass clinics - short and putting

  • 2X - How to PLAY golf, routines, etc.

Get a Grip on 100 or 90

PROGRAM DETAILS - Break 100 or 90
  • Custom swing faults\fixing with video

  • Routines, drills, long, approach & Par 3-5's.

  • 3X-grass, short, Lies & Putting games (L2 -3)

  • 3X grass clinics (L1-3) and playing lessons

Once you have a basic Grip on Golf, now it's time to learn how to break 100 or 90. While we will hold some classes at the driving range, most of our classes will be at Robert Black Golf Course. Pricing and details are the same.

In order to break 100, you will need to learn pre and post shot routines, tempos, self-correcting drills, know how to hit all clubs more solidly, understand the various types of shots, playing strategies and how to master hitting from grass. To break 90, you will have to get better at routines, strategies, ball trajectory, shaping, bad lies and putting.

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Get a Grip on Golf Tips and Concepts

Diversey Range Distance Chart

Avg. Club Distance Chart

Robert Black Golf Course

keeping score in Golf
Golf handicap system
Golf rules, dress...for women
Putting 101 Basics
Hinge and Hold (watch 1 -3)
Bad lies around the green
50 yard shot
Golf Swing 101
5 Step Golf Swing
Hitting a Driver Straight
5 Min. Golf Warm-up
Golfer's elbow