Join me for my Get a Grip on Tennis and Breaking 3.0 or 4.0 Programs
and Baseball Tennis. Try a private lesson for $60 or a group class for $20!

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Learn Ready Tennis, Tennis Rhythm footwork, What time is it, Love yourself, The Tennis Swing Song, Yoga, Pilates and Zen Tennis and more. I make learning the game fun and easy.

Get a Grip on Tennis

My Get a Grip on Tennis Program is not a group class in which I have to you wait to hit a ball tossed perfectly in your direction. No, I want you to start by keeping the ball in the same zip code and work your work up to being able to serve and rally. Try a class for $20 or 2 people for $30.

Whether you are new to tennis or trying to improve your game, my Program covers tennis from baseline to net, and can also be customized to your schedule and pace. Take 10 Group Classes for $295 or 5+ Private Lessons for $295 (plus 4 group classes). Join my at Hamlin Park where I have 2 courts, 2-4 per court and 2 different playing levels.
PROGRAM DETAILS - Rally Game - 2.5
  • Tennis grips, ready tennis and unit Turn

  • Tennis Forehand, backhand & footwork

  • Basic Serve, approach and power games

  • Learn how to rally and PLAY tennis!

Get a Grip on 3.0 or 4.0

PROGRAM DETAILS - Break 3.0 & 4.0
  • Custom lesson, swing faults\fixing & video

  • All baseline shots and better footwork

  • All approach game and net game shots

  • Routines, Strategy and more..4.0-5.0?

Once you have a basic Grip on Tennis and know how to hit a second serve and hold a moderately paced rally, it is time to learn other aspects of the game to get to 3.0 or, Get a Better Grip on Tennisby learning different types of shots and more.

In order to break the 3.0 playing level, you will have to learn better footwork, increase your shot arsenal, add power, more control, pace, depth and more to your tennis game, not to mention strategy and several different types of serves. 4.0+ players have slice, lob, over head smash, running forehands, drop, chip and other - all court shots.

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Get a Grip on Golf Tips and Concepts

Tennis Rules
Tennis Etiquette

NTRP Tennis Ratings Are you a 3.0?

Tennis Grips
Lesson with Djokovic
Forehand & Backhand
7 Step Serve
3 Types of Serves
5 min. tennis warm-up
Tennis Elbow
Roger's U Turn
No pain in stroke
Elbow pain
Roger practicing
Serena practing

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