Tee-to-Green Program

The Tee-to-Green Program is great for Golfers who have taken a few group lessons and now want to really Get Golf Game, Couples and Friends, or Golfers who want to finally break 100. Designed for busy professionals, the program stretches over 2 seasons with flexible scheduling and payment plans. We also have a PASS Sheet (Player Ability Skills Sheet) to track your progress, and are developing an App, online community, forums, video games, Baseball Golf Leagues and much more.

Get a grip on your game at Diversey Driving Range and Robert Black G.C., and learn the Basics Game, Driver Game, Long Game, Mid Game, Approach Game, Short Game, Putting Game, Sand Game, Bad Lies Game and Playing Game. Create a pre and post shot routine, understand playing rhythm, swing tempos, planes, shapes and more.

Try Yoga Golf, Pilates Golf and Zen Golf Drills, Poetry Golf and more to avoid using too much mind and muscle. Lessons are private and can be scheduled at anytime over 2 years. Text, call or email Ron Carroll at 773.592.6405 or

Breaking 90 Program

The Breaking 90 Program was designed for Golfers that want to improve their play, work on a specific parts of the Game of Life or play better in their Golf Leagues, Corporate Outings or with friends.

In order to break 90 or 45 in 9 holes, you must examine your game from Tee-to-green, beginning with shots from the Tee box. A golfer that shots 90 only hits 1-2 terrible tee shots, but gives up 9 strokes to par outside 100 yards, and 3-4 shots to par inside 100 yards. In order to break 90, you must improve your game one aspect at a time. For Gary in the example here, he got it under 90 by just improving his 100 yards in game.

When you are really to really go low, will will also work on ball trajectory, ball shaping and other extraneous variables of the game such as pre-shot routine environmental conditions, fitGolf and much more.

Get Game Golf Clinics

Join us at Diversey Range and Robert Black G.C.
Learn how to PLAY Golf with our GET GAME CLINICS, and go from to range to real grass on a real Golf course, as well as how to create a shot routine, golf ball distance control, fix common mistakes that most golfers make and much more. Golf Clinics are $69. Grab a Get a Grip Pass HERE.

All clinics include demos, Q&A, practice time and we conclude with team-oriented, skills-testing Baseball, Football or Basketball Golf fun and games - as well as post lesson online videos for your review. Got Game? If not, Get Game Here!


Pricing is between $195-$495. Call for a custom package deal. Please CLICK HERE to grab a $69 Get a Grip Pass.


Email or You can also call Ron Carroll at 773.592.6405