Get a Grip on Golf

Tee-to-Green Program

The Tee-to-Green Program is great for Golfers who are trying to get back into the game, have taken a few lessons and only hit golf balls at the range, but actually want to learn how to PLAY GOLF. This program for busy professionals, is extremely flexible and works over 2 seasons or years, with most classes and lessons taking place at Robert Black G.C. and the others at Diversey Driving Range.

Get a grip on your Driver Game, Long Game, Approach Game, Short Game, Putting, as well as how hit on grass, keep score, understand club distances, strategy and more.

Try Yoga, Pilates and Zen Golf and remember phrases such as "1-2-3 and Drop it like it's hot" to see immediate results and eliminate two of the many culprits of a bad golf game or swing - mind and muscle. Check out out Golf Clinic and our 5 or 10 Step Program and we customize YOUR program together and GET GOLF GAME!

Breaking 100 Program

The Breaking 100 or 90 Program was designed for Golfers that want to improve their play, work on a specific part of their game at a time and either finally break 100 or, break 90.

This program also focuses on rep and post shot routines, FitGolf, FlexGolf, Playing Lessons, Diversey and Robert Black grass Lessons, video lessons, an App, online Community and if you are ready, hitting draws, fades, low shots and high shots.

In addition, we cover advanced sand play, uneven lies, rough and more detailed, result-oriented and game breaking, custom instruction. Check out an example of the GAME OF GOLF that all of our programs cover. Scheduling is flexible and the Program spans over 2 years.

Get Game Golf Clinics

Join us at Diversey Range and Robert Black G.C.
Learn how to PLAY Golf with our GET GAME CLINICS, and go from to range to real grass on a real Golf course, as well as how to create a shot routine, golf ball distance control, fix common mistakes that most golfers make and much more. Golf Clinics are $69. Grab a Get a Grip Pass HERE.

All clinics include demos, Q&A, practice time and we conclude with team-oriented, skills-testing Baseball, Football or Basketball Golf fun and games - as well as post lesson online videos for your review. Got Game? If not, Get Game Here!


Pricing is between $195-$495. Call for a custom package deal. Please CLICK HERE to grab a $69 Get a Grip Pass.


Email or You can also call Ron Carroll at 773.592.6405