Get a Grip on your Home...Maintenance, Repairs, Upgrades and Renovations

Know the facts, DIY the Basics and Better Manage the Results.

If you own a home, you must MAINTAIN it, DO YOUR OWN basic repairs, but KNOW when and HOW to bring in professionals. All homes need to be maintained, upgraded, repaired and on occasion, renovated. That said, it can be overwhelming, nerve racking, frustrating, expensive and mentally exhausting, to say the least. It makes you feel like a fish out of water no matter what you vocation is, but my job is to cut through the noise and simplify the problems, products, contractors, process, purchasing, delivery, cost and more.

Home Maintenance

As a home owner, you will be responsible for performing basic maintenance on your home. Join us for home maintenance seminars and learn the basic things that you can do to maintain your home. Videos below.

Ask about our Home Maintenance consultation services and let help you create a maintenance checklist and plan based on YOUR home and your unique home configuration. Proper maintenance prevents early replacement of items and potentially serious and costly problems in the future.

Like a car, you must maintain your home
  • Drain your water heater once per year

  • Check the Dip Tube and Anode Rod

  • Have all HVAC serviced once per year

  • Check..water leaks, gutters and insulation

Repairs and Upgrades

DIY all basic repairs and upgrades
  • Learn how to change P traps and more

  • Learn basic drywall & other home repairs

  • Learn how to upgrade doors, cabinets..

  • Learn how to update appliances, faucets..

As we all know, owning a home is expensive, and basic repairs can be very costly. Such repairs include simple things like unclogging a toilet, fixing faucet leaks, fixing drywall holes and more, but these are things you can DIY.

Join us for basic home repair seminars and ask about our Home Repairs and upgrade Program, which will easily layout your home, what you have, how to fix it, upgrade it and repair it as DIY Projects. Performing your own basic maintenance, repairs and upgrades will give you a better Grip on your Home - how it is built and how it works.

Basic Renovations

Before you think about renovating your kitchen, bathroom or floors, you must know what the job will entail in detail, as well as the cost of materials, the labor involved, code requirements, whether permits are necessary and more

Check out one of our Renovation Seminars and learn how to save money on demolition and more. Ask about our Home Renovation Consultation and Project Management Program, and let us help you create a project management plan for your next renovation - project detail steps, materials cost, permits, what you can DIY, time frames, check list, points and more.

Home DIY and Project Management:
  • Know details the of what has to be done

  • You must control the cost and contractors

  • You must project manage the job

  • Know code, permit and other requirement

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Get a Grip on Home current Projects

I had less than 30 days to perform a major demolition and Gut Rehab and get the basics done with only $20K. I did finish a lot more, but have not updated the pics yet.

Outside - Before & After

Gut rehab of bathroom

Gut rehab of kitchen

Renovating living room

Short Before Video
Click Here to view our upcoming seminar and workshop schedule for 2018.

Get a Grip on Your Home Tips and Concepts

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Know the process!
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