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If you are trying to learn how to PLAY GOLF, break 90 or just finished your first Get Golf Ready Program, now is the time to Get Golf Game, and learn to hit your driver (all clubs), how to chip, putt, the approach, short, sand, rough, bad lies GAMES and much more. Learn the game from tee to green, on a real golf course on real grass, sand and putting greens, and only using the range to work on more strategic things, not just hitting your clubs over and over again trying to perfect your swing. You cannot learn how to PLAY Golf at a driving range or in a group class. Learn Yoga, Pilates and Zen Golf, The 3 Golf Tempos, Rock the Boat Putting, The Golf Swing Song and more.

If you are trying to just keep the tennis ball in the same zip code, on the court or trying to develop a more rounded game and play at a 4.0+ level, now is the time to learn how to actually PLAY TENNIS, hit a serve, backhand, approach the net, footwork or play more competitive tennis in league play or with friends. Learn the game from baseline to net and back (defense) in real "playing lesson" conditions with music and playing at YOUR playing level while picking up new shots and skills each class. You cannot learn how to PLAY Tennis or play better in a large class, with players at lower levels or having the ball tossed to you. Learn the Unit turn, what time is it and more.

GOLF CLASSES are at Diversey Driving Range and Robert Black Golf Course only. | TENNIS CLASSES are at Hamlin Park only. CLICK HERE For Locations.

Email ron@playgolfandtennis.com or Call 773-592-6405 for private lessons. To learn to PLAY Golf, take custom private lessons.