Baseline-to-Net Program

The Baseline-to-Net Program is great for people who want to learn the Game of Life from scratch, improve their game, get active and have fun. Designed for busy professionals, the program stretches over 2 seasons with flexible scheduling and payment plans. We also have a PASS Sheet (Player Ability Skills Sheet) to track your progress, and are developing an App, online community, forums, video games, Baseball Tennis Leagues and much more.

Get a grip on your game in Group and Semi-private Lessons every Tuesday and Thursday at Hamlin Park from 7 pm - 9 pm. Learn all aspects of Tennis from the Basics, Grips, Forehands, Backhands, Footwork, Serves, Approach Game, and much more.

Try Yoga Tennis, Pilates Tennis and Zen Tennis Drills, Poetry Tennis and more. Lessons are private and can be scheduled at anytime over 2 years. Text, call or email Ron Carroll at 773.592.6405 or

Get Game Clinics

Learn how to PLAY Tennis with our GET GAME CLINICS, and get back into the game or come out with a partner and get fit while having a great time. Our clinics are 1.5 - 2 hours long with only 2-4 per court so we can customize each lesson to YOUR playing level. Grab a Get a Grip Pass on Sale HERE.

All clinics include demos, Q&A, practice time and we conclude with team-oriented, skills-testing Baseball, Football or Basketball Tennis fun and games - as well as post lesson online videos for your review. Got Game?


Pricing is between $195-$295. Call for a custom package deal. Please CLICK HERE to grab a $39 Get a Grip Pass.


Email or You can also call Ron Carroll at 773.592.6405